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If you are interested in baptizing a baby we welcome that interest.  You are invited to call Stephanie Hill at our parish office to begin the process.  We need all the necessary information for our records and to reserve a date.  Sometimes an appointment is necessary with one of the priests.

If this is your first baby, you are required to attend one of our Baptism Classes.  These classes happen in the months of January, March, June, and September.  Watch the bulletin or call our office for the exact dates and times. If you have older children who are in grade school and have not received the sacraments of initiation contact our Director of Religious Education to start their preparation. Adults who are interested in being baptized can contact Sr. Kathleen ((309) 762-2362, Ext 205Email) our parish associate in charge of our R.C.I.A. Our parish phone number is 309-762-2362.

If you need a copy of a baptismal record, please fill out the "Request For Baptismal Certificate" form. Your request will be handled promptly, and a copy will be sent to the name and address on the form or be available for pickup, whichever you prefer.

Our Director of Religious Education, Debbie Patronagio, can be reached by phone or email: (309) 762-2362, ext.

Important Forms

Click here to request a copy of your Baptismal Certificate.