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Annual Diocesan Appeal

The Annual Diocesan Appeal helps support the infrastructure of our local Catholic institutions, and your support is greatly appreciated. Click here to view the 2020 ADA video


September 2020

Dear Parishioners,

                This is truly a difficult time for all of us as we struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Charitable institutions are especially vulnerable.  The church’s whole way of operating has been upended.  Christianity is not only about personal faith, but it is also about building community.  If we want our church community to be healthy when we finally can get back to some sense of normalcy, we will have to make sacrifices now.

                I ask that you look back at your life and think of all the moments that you were touched by the ministry of the church.  Perhaps you remember moments of transitions like Baptisms, Confirmations, First Communions and Marriages.  You may remember making life-long friendships while attending Catholic schools and Religious Education programs.  You might recall moments of sorrow and how the rites of the church helped you through them.  The church’s ministry is so very important. 

                Catholics have stepped up during World Wars and Depressions, in times of social unrest and in moments of natural disaster so that the ministry of the church might continue.  Holy Mother Church needs your help today.

                The reason I write to you is that the Diocese of Peoria will be having the Annual Diocesan Appeal on the weekend of September 19 and 20.  I would like to take this opportunity to give you some background on the Annual Diocesan Appeal.  You may not have been able to donate in the past, but I would like to encourage you to help us out this year. 

The appeal was postponed from this last spring because the parishes were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The appeal funds the diocese operating expenses.  It pays for deacon training, seminarian education and the Tribunal Office for example. 

The diocese plans on having the ADA in the fall for the foreseeable future.  There will be no ADA in the spring. The payment schedule has been adjusted. I would also mention that the appeal amount for Sacred Heart has been dropped by almost 11% to $121,212. Unfortunately, if we fall short, we will have to make up the difference from our parish savings and offertory.

                Please help us with your charity. We must pray for the Spirit’s guidance in the days ahead.  May our loving God guide us through these dark days to a new and more promising tomorrow.

Fr. Mark DeSutter


P.S. You should have received a pledge card in the mail. Please mail in your gift today.



Contact the Lee Parish Center at (309) 762-2362 for questions on making your annual contribution. Thank you!