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Why Electronic Giving


  • No checks to write or the need for cash. Donations are automatic. Contributions are sent electronically from your bank account and deposited directly into the church bank account.

Keeps You On Track With Stewardship Commitments

  • You won't fall behind on your financial pledges with scheduled automated payments

Guarantees Uninterrupted Support

  • Everyone will occasionally miss a service due to illness, vacation or bad weather. Your weekly offering continues during these occasions

Offers Several Payment Methods

  • Many parishioners no longer carry checks or cash. Electronic giving provides a payment method to fit their needs.
  • ACH – direct withdrawal from checking or savings account
  • Credit card – Visa and Master Card with the ability to elect to pay the service fee, thus saving the church the transaction fee

Provides Donation Consistency For Our Church

  • Eases the seasonal fluctuations of donations
  • Improves financial planning

Saves Time For The Staff, Allowing For More Efficiency


  • Reduces handling of checks and cash

Good For The Environment

  • Reduces the amount of natural resources consumed in the use of paper checks


  • Go to Sacred Heart's website
  • Create your Profile
    • Email address is required
      • Confirmation of your registration is sent to this email address
      • Confirmation of any donation or change in donation is sent to this email address
      • Continue to the Name, Address, Password page
  • Create a Donation
    • Continue to the Donation page
    • Choose donation type – current choices are Contributions or Preserving our Treasures
    • Select Donation Frequency
      • One Time –5 th, 10th or 25th of month
      • Weekly – Mondays only
      • Semi-monthly – 10th and 25th of month
      • Monthly – 5 th,10th or 25th of month
    • Select start date for first donation
    • Continue to bank or credit card page
  • Enter bank account or credit card information
    • Checking or Savings account
      • You will need your routing number and account number
    • Credit card
      • Options are Visa and Master Card
      • Enter required credit card information
      • OPTIONAL: Donor may opt to also pay the service fee charged for credit card payments
  • All donations may be made in Honor of or Memory of by checking this option and entering the name of the person you wish to honor
  • Confirm the donation screen and log off site
  • You will return to Sacred Heart's website