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Coming Together This Fall

In his September letter, Fr. Mark reflects on church membership, and what it can bring to our lives - and the lives of those around us.

9:00 Mass Moves to 9:15

This change helps to accommodate families with children attending Religious Education.

Capital Campaign Update

An update on progress from our ongoing Capital Campaign.

Returning to the Rituals of the Church

Fr. Mark reflects on the slow return to regular Mass attendance in the wake of the pandemic.

Updated Covid Protocols for August 2021

An update to our health and safety protocols.

Christ is the Source of Life

Fr. Mark reflects on the importance of staying connected to Christ, and all that we've done to maintain that connection through the pandemic.

Capital Campaign Update

An update on progress and planning for our TTT Capital Campaign!

Updated Mass Protocols

As Diocesan and local guidelines change, we are able to lift some of the pandemic restrictions that have affected Mass. We are grateful for your continued support and flexibility!

The Better Times that Lay Ahead

Fr. Mark reflects on the challenges of the pandemic, and the slow return to our "normal" lives.

Rectory Update

Fr. Mark and Fr. Matthew have been in their new apartment in the Lee Parish Center for a few months, after moving in on February 28th. We were lucky to have a few of our parishioners help orchestrate the transition.