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Back in Black

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Dear Parishioners,

Someone once told me that all they wanted out of a financial report is to know if the parish was in the black for the year. This has been a difficult year for many charitable organizations. Donations are not what they normally are. As I looked forward to this report in the midst of the pandemic last fall, I was worried that there would be only bad news to share for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, but a number of things have transpired that have led to some pleasant surprises.

The first thing to report is our regular budget ended up in the black. This was due to a special government loan program called PPP which offers help to small businesses and charities. Thanks to hard work by our finance committee and our parish accountant, Bobbie Vidmar, we negotiated the paperwork, and the loan of approximately $65,000 was received and then forgiven. We have been diligent about researching the various grants the United States Government has offered to charitable institutions. Because of our reduced income, we have qualified. We hope to receive more help in the next fiscal year.

Other financial help has come because of the performance of our endowment funds. Our parish endowment is now $1,041,820. We also were able to make our Annual Diocesan Appeal Goal for the first time in years. Therefore, we will not have to make payments to the diocese in the upcoming year to offset the shortfall.

Our TTT campaign continues. We are now closer to our $3,000,000 goal and our campaign committee continues to work hard. I am edified by their efforts. Because of the pandemic, the drive has lasted longer than we anticipated. But we have attained all our Tier I goals and our Tier II goals. Millions of dollars of improvements have been made on our campus. We are hopeful that we will be ready to break ground for a Gathering Center in the year ahead, and that it will bring modern amenities to our church.

In the short term, we are in good financial shape. However many challenges are still before us. We need to work hard to renew our parish life in the months ahead. Our parochial schools need our ongoing support. COVID-19 is not over. Catholic life might never be like it was, but the same faith that has sustained our parish since 1906 continues to hold us together.

Thank you to all who support our parish and thanks to God who will bring the good work to its conclusion.

Fr. Mark