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Coming Together This Fall

This Month's Stories

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Dear Parishioners,

I had an email from a young woman who was moving into our area.  As she moved to Moline, she said that she wanted to revive her religious life. She was looking for a parish. She was a single mom with a son. It sounded like she was searching for a support system. There are a lot of people who have become unmoored over the last two years. Fortunately, this young woman is trying to become a part of the Body of Christ. It is counterproductive to isolate ourselves from one another in a time of crisis.

Fall is a good time to consider our religious practice. We have a lot of parish programs that take place from September through May. Could we all do a little evangelization? Do we know someone who needs a church home? If so, call our office and we would be willing to invite them to RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation for Adults). Do you know someone who has delayed the Rite of Initiation for their children? Encourage them to call Debbie at our Religious Education office. We have ways to “catch children up” in their sacramental journey.

Everyone benefits from church affiliation. Some might question if church membership is wise since the Universal Church seems to have so many problems. Yes, the church has scandals and discord at times. Hopefully, a faith community does not have to be perfect for people to want to belong. If that was the case, the church would never have started.

Jesus said, “I have come to call sinners not the self-righteous” (Mark 2:17).  If that is the case, I am qualified to belong to the church. How about you?


Fr. Mark