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Capital Campaign Update

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Through August 30, 2021, Sacred Heart Church has now received more than $2.473M in TTT  Capital Campaign gifts and pledges from 593 Sacred Heart parishioners and friends. This includes more than $83,000 in new gifts and pledges since our July 4th announcement to extend this TTT Capital Campaign into our fourth year, through 2022.  

The remaining portion of the final phase of our TTT Capital Campaign remains; the construction of a new Gathering Center.  All Sacred Heart Parishioners and friends will be invited to formal gatherings to review these plans starting later in September. More details of these upcoming gatherings will be provided to parishioners in upcoming mailings, church bulletins, pulpit announcements, and Facebook.  At these gatherings, our campaign committee members will be available to answer questions about our proposed addition to the church as we get ready for Sacred Heart Church’s second century.

As a refresher, here are links to the Architects Gathering Center concept so you can visualize what we are considering by using the Sacred Heart Website, Capital Campaign for Sacred Heart: 

By watching the video on this page, you can take a visual walk through the plan. Further details of our proposed Architectural plans may be seen in these documents: renderings, site plan, first floor plan, exterior drawing.

The Sacred Heart TTT Capital Campaign is now offering a list of Gathering Center Sponsorship opportunities. See these opportunities using the brochure, found here. Gathering Center features can be sponsored in the following ways: 

 • In your family name

 • In honor or in memory of a loved one

 • In partnership with other families or as a combined effort with extended family

Note: we honor requests on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to be part of these sponsorship opportunities and are ready to pledge, or have questions, please contact Bobbie Vidmar in our parish office at (309) 762-2362, or at

Thank you and God Bless,

Father Mark DeSutter, and the Sacred Heart Parish Today Tomorrow Together Continuation Committee