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An Update on Deacon Class 11

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On August 20th, Deacon Class 11 began our fifth and final year of formation. The weekend was a three-fold blessing in that:

  1. It was the first time in almost two years, due to the pandemic and some maintenance issues at the Spalding Center, that our class, along with our spouses, were able to be together for an entire three-day weekend.

  2. Our retreat, as well as the remainder of our formation classes, was held at the beautiful new Sacre Coeur Retreat Center in Magnolia, IL.

  3. At the culmination of our retreat, we had the blessing of being instituted as Acolytes by Bishop Tylka. 

It’s hard for me to believe that four years have passed since we began our formation process. Over the course of our formation, we have learned so much, and yet we have so much more to learn. Classes have touched on topics such as Church History, Scriptures, Philosophy, Papal History, Homiletics, Social Justice, Humanities, Sacraments, and so much more. Each successive year, we dive a little deeper into each of these subjects to better prepare ourselves for serving the Church and its people. We have also been learning the “nuts and bolts” of the duties and responsibilities of a Deacon. A great deal of time is also spent in prayer, looking within ourselves, reflecting on our lives, and to where God is calling us. God willing, we are scheduled to be ordained as Deacons in December of 2022. 

We have 20 candidates and spouses in Class 11. Six of us are from the Quad Cities area! All of these men have very different backgrounds, but each are faith-filled and have a strong desire to serve our Lord and the people of their parish. Please keep us all in your prayers. Please pray too for Class 12, which will begin next year. Pray that good men, especially men in our parish, will recognize God’s call to the Diaconate and be willing to answer His call.  Do you feel called? If so, please reach out to me. I’d be happy to pray with you and answer any questions regarding the formation process.


May God bless you.

Mike Maynard