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Photos from Our Parish Cookout

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As we begin gathering together again as a parish, we are trying to do so safely in an outside environment.  Hence, we held our first cookout at Sacred Heart.  

On Friday, August 20th, a little over 100 people gathered on the ‘green space’ between the elementary school and Culemans Fellowship Hall.  The committee was concerned about the weather. Was it hot and humid that day!  But, Fr. Mark and his connections came through again. Although it was still a bit warm, as we sat in the shade of the trees and the buildings, we all enjoyed a very nice, comfortable breeze.  

We cannot thank Boy Scout Troop 109 enough for their assistance. They manned the fire pits and helped many cook their hot dogs and even their S’mores throughout the evening - always with a smile on their faces. If the hot dogs and S’mores were not enough, there were plenty of chips, cookies, and bagged candy to share. No reason to be hungry! The S’mores with a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup instead of a chocolate bar seemed to go over well. When people heard about their choices, there were some wide eyes and wider smiles. Sam Maynard played some fun, upbeat music for a background, and it helped put everyone in a happy mood. 

We had babies on grandpa’s shoulder up to children in their 90s enjoying this evening.  There were games spread out on the grass and sidewalks for all ages to enjoy, and did they ever! If you did join us, thank you for making our first cookout so much fun. If you were not able to join us, well don’t worry. We believe there will be a second cookout in our future!