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Updated Mass Protocols

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During the last year and a half, we have followed many procedures, so that everyone might feel safe to attend Sunday Masses. It has been difficult for all of us to stay home, wear masks, and socially distance. I would like to commend Sacred Heart parishioners for their adherence to safety measures. Some people came to our church specifically because we took the guidelines seriously.

Now that we have approval to fully re-open the church, we have been re-assessing the safety measures. We have had little guidance from our Diocese. Bishop Jenky has said, “Every pastor needs to ease restrictions as they can.” We are supposed to know our parishioners and what will make them feel secure. 

Some of the changes over the last few weeks have been:

  • Restoring Holy Water to the Holy Water fonts.

  • Taking up the collection by passing the baskets.

  • Restoring the missalettes.

  • Removing ropes on the pews.

  • Restoring ministries such as Communion Ministers, Sacristans, Altar Servers, etc.

  • The Blessings Gift Shop has been reopened for customers.

  • The offertory procession will be restored.

  • Food pantry collections will be taken up again.

 While these restrictions have been modified, we do have some requests remaining:

  • Those who are not vaccinated are asked to wear masks to church. 

  • Those who are not vaccinated are asked to refrain from ministry for the time being.

  • Households are encouraged to continue social distancing as much as possible in the church. 

  • Because social distancing is not feasible in the Choir Loft, full choirs will not be able to practice and sing at the present time. 

We thank everyone for their cooperation with everything we have had to do the past year. Let’s pray that the virus will not return.