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Capital Campaign Update

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At the onset of our Capital Campaign, our parish had a vision: a Welcome Center that is accessible for all to celebrate Masses, sacraments, and community together. We envision a space for small social gatherings after Mass, for families to gather and celebrate their children’s sacraments, for joyful wedding parties to prepare for marriage, and for every parishioner’s comfort, every day. The Welcome Center’s increased accessibility will benefit all - from young children and parents, through spacious bathrooms, to the elderly and injured, who can come to Mass safely via a covered, accessible entryway. This Welcome Center will give us the space we need to foster the community our parish deserves.

To date, our Capital Campaign has been a rousing success. In the first 30 months, Sacred Heart parishioners have pledged nearly $2.375 million towards our original three-year goal of $3 million. When you take into account the money donated to our parish school, Seton Catholic, the true generosity of our parishioners becomes apparent, and we are so grateful for your support.

To date, your pledges have funded many much-needed improvements:

  • Exterior tuck pointing

  • Stain glass window restoration - extending their life by at least 100 years

  • HVAC replacement in the Lee Parish Center

  • Lee Parish Center renovations to provide a dry, comfortable living space for our priests

This means that Phase I & II of our campaign have been completed on time and on budget.

Due to cost increases in the wake of the pandemic, the cost of Phase III - the construction of a new Welcome Center - may be as much as 40% higher than original estimates. To fund this milestone project, we will be extending our Today Tomorrow Together Capital Campaign into a fourth year. If all parishioners extend their pledges into year four, we will be able to complete this essential project.

If you have any questions about the Capital Campaign feel free to contact any of the TTT Capital Campaign Team members, call our Parish office 309-762-2362, or email

Once again, thank you for your generous contributions to our campaign goals and for any further support you can offer. Our church is a treasure, and we hope to maintain and improve it for the next generation of Catholics in Moline. With your help, we can make our parish vision a reality - today, tomorrow, and most importantly, together.


Fr. Mark DeSutter

Capital Campaign Members:  Pete Murray, Sandy Madison, Fred Julius, Mike Drymiller, Dennis Fox, Jerry O’Keeffe, Jim Harl, Jim Watson, Connie Morris, Dave Wrath, Beth Behrends, Don Lewis, Kevin Rafferty