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Ministry Spotlight: Prayer Shawl Ministry

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On certain Tuesday mornings in Culemans Hall, you will find a group of dedicated knitters and crocheters, creating prayer shawls for those in need. We spoke to member Cecilia Raischel about this contemplative, generous ministry.

The group is small but mighty, usually hosting about four regular members, but all are welcome to join - whether you knit, crochet, or just want to learn, the prayer shawl ministry has a place for you.  We hand-make prayer shawls, each with their own unique style, which are then blessed.

The prayer shawls are given to community members that need them, for example;  teachers; those undergoing treatment for conditions like cancer; or anyone having a difficult time. If a member hears about someone who could use a prayer shawl, or notices someone mentioned in the bulletin, they’ll arrange for that person to receive one. Cecilia explains that people are happy to receive the shawls - they feel comfortable and comforted while wearing them. Our group receives positive feedback from those who receive their shawls!

The ‘thank you’s’ are rewarding, but so is the work itself. Meeting twice a month to knit or crochet together has been a blessing for the members who are excited to meet and create together again. There is no rush, no deadlines - members simply gather and create shawls in their own way. Cecilia reflected on her first time making a prayer shawl - Sister Charlotte, of Christ the King, taught her a triangle-shaped stitch that represents the Holy Trinity, a stitch Cecilia uses in the shawls she makes to this day.

The Prayer Shawl ministry meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at 9:30 AM in the Audio-Visual Room of Culemans Hall. (Although they will be taking the second Tuesday of July off for the Second Hand Sale, they will only meet on July 27th.) New members can reach out to Cecilia Raischel with questions at (309) 716-2488, but are also free to join us. As Cecilia says: “Anyone that would like to come and learn, or come and help, they are welcome”