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Covid Blues Raffle Winners

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Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the COVID Blues Raffle to help Sacred Heart with the damage caused at the church and Culemans Fellowship Hall over the harsh winter. This money is helping us purchase new gutters to replace the old split gutters, prevent further damage to both the church and to the Fellowship Hall, and towards a new roof on Culemans Fellowship Hall.

Fr. Matthew drew the winners during our Facebook Live event on June 2nd during the Parish Council Meeting. If you were not able to watch live, you can still see this event on our Facebook page by clicking here.  

There were 192 participants, with 2175 tickets sold. With every $100 spent on raffle tickets, participants were eligible to receive a brick from the old rectory. There are 112 bricks that can be given away. If you are eligible to receive a brick and still have not done so, please contact the Parish Office at 309.762.2362.

A total of $15,630.00 was split between the parish and three winners, with the parish receiving $7,815.00 plus an additional amount of $6,438. This was given by a number of parishioners who wished to donate to the church, but chose not to enter into the 50/50 raffle itself.

First prize went to Alicia Gonzales ($5,470.50), second prize went to Sandy and Bob Madison ($1,563.00), and third prize went to Betty and Ralph Thomm ($781.50), along with items that came out of the former rectory. Let us not forget the White Elephant prize of the not-so-pristine can of Schlitz beer that Carol Simatovich won.

Congratulations to all of our winners, but the truth is, our parish came out a winner as you once again proved how much you care about your church and the entire campus.