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Dear Parishioners,

Sacred Heart has had a long history with many twists and turns in its hundred plus years, but we can truly say that we have never lived through a time like the present. As I pen this note to you, we are in our sixth week without public worship. Our diocese announced two days ago that we will not be able to open our church at least until June 1st.  

I am sure this has been difficult for all of us. We have parishioners who have died of COVID-19 and others who have been sickened by this virus. We also have parishioners who have lost their jobs. The rest of us have been asked to abide by a stay at home order. More difficulties lie ahead. 

Parishes are not meant to operate remotely. We are communities of faith. Corporate worship is essential to our church life. But as believers in Jesus, we are also supposed to love our neighbor. This means we are to take responsibility for our brothers’ and sisters’ health and welfare. The loving thing right now is to try to make every effort to avoid infecting other people. We have succeeded in not having so many cases of COVID-19 that we would overwhelm our hospitals. This has required many little sacrifices on our part. We have kept in mind the common good of all in our local community.

The instinct of a pastor is to gather people and take action. But I would hate to think that a hasty decision on my part would have led to someone getting infected. Acting foolishly is not always acting courageously. Therefore, Father Matthew and I have had to be satisfied with pastoring through social media. This is not very gratifying, but we realize we did not enter ministry for our satisfaction. Father Matthew’s experience with the Ebola crisis in Liberia has guided a lot of our actions.  

Sometimes the way to serve is to stand by and wait. We have offered Mass each morning for the good of our parishioners. Hopefully, the time when we can share the Eucharist with you, in the fullest sense, is approaching. We look forward to that happy day.


Fr. Mark


P.S. As a reminder, there are missalettes, bottles of Blessed Easter Water, and One Body, One Bread booklets with daily readings located by the Rectory garage for your convenience.

P.P.S. Be sure to look for our weekly Parish Bulletin (bulletins are in the upper right corner) and Father Mark’s daily homily and announcements can be found by clicking on the ‘Pastor’s Corner.'