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Upcoming Liturgies

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Below are upcoming liturgies we hope to celebrate in the near future, but as schedules and expectations are changing daily, please note these are subject to change.


We hope to welcome Sacred Heart’s Confirmation class of 2020 into the church on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:00 pm. Our eighth-graders have been studying, praying, and learning for months to prepare for this day. About forty students are ready to make their final commitment to their faith and their future.

Monsignor Thomas E. Mack will be our celebrant. All are invited to attend, and celebrate with our youth as they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

First Communion

First Communion happens only once in a lifetime. Joy fills the air as children anticipate the day.

For all their lives they have watched other people receive Communion. After hearing “Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb” at every Mass, they scooched over so that parents and older siblings could gain access to the aisle. Or the children came forward with others and walked toward the altar, where they stood and watched others proclaim their faith and extend their hands or open their mouths. In younger years, these same children may have reached for the host, informing the minister, “I want one.” In later years, they remained obedient, but they grew more and more hungry.

All of that will change when our students will receive their First Holy Communion at the 11 am Masses on Sunday, May 3 and Sunday, May 10.

As the big day draws near, the entire community wants to celebrate well. We wish to thank the parishioners who selected a student’s name from our First Holy Communion Class the day the children made their Formal Rite of Acceptance. We ask for your continued prayers as they journey through a successful First Holy Communion.