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Thank You Capital Campaign Donors

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Dear Parishioners,

In January we publicly launched our Today Tomorrow Together Campaign, a joint effort among the parishes of Sacred Heart and Christ the King and Seton School. We set a collective goal of $5 million. To date we have received cash and pledges of over $4 million.

To meet the needs and ambitious goals of Sacred Heart we set a parish goal of $3 million. As of September 1, Sacred Heart has received pledges of nearly $1.9 million. This significant accomplishment is a result of the generous donations many of you have provided. As a parish we are also committed to helping Seton School achieve their goal of $875,000. To date Sacred Heart parishioners have pledged an additional $400,000 to make needed improvements to the Seton facilities. As we began this campaign, we outlined a three-tiered approach for Sacred Heart.

Tier 1 includes $1 million to be used for tuck-pointing of Sacred Heart Church and to restore our stained-glass windows. The tuck-pointing is now complete. The stained-glass windows restoration is underway with the hope to complete by September of 2020.

Tier 2 of our drive was $300,000. This money will be used to relocate the priest’s living space. The money is pledged, and we are laying the groundwork for the possible move of the priests into the Lee Parish Center. Space is available now that Seton has relocated all students into the school buildings.

The Tier 3 goal is $1.7 million. We have about $600,000 in pledges for this goal. As we receive additional pledges we hope to put an addition on our church to include a protected dropoff area for our parishioners, larger bathrooms to assist the physically challenged and a parish gathering space. This new building would sit where the present rectory is. The current rectory would be demolished due to the large expense required to continue repairing and using it.

As I opened with, we have made a lot of progress in the first nine months of a three-year campaign. Raising $1.9 million of our $3 million goal is a HUGE accomplishment. The capital campaign committee and I would like to express our gratitude to those who have helped our parish accomplish so much in so little time. A listing of those who have donated to this campaign as of September 1st is listed in this publication. Please note some people chose to remain anonymous. I encourage everyone to attend the commemoration of the laying of the cornerstone of Sacred Heart. This will be held October 20th. This parish gathering is a celebration of our history. It honors the commitment and work of parishioners who went before us. It also recognizes you, our current parishioners, and the generosity you put forth that will allow us to go forward into the next 100 years.

Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless our plans as we seek to achieve all the goals that are so necessary for the future health of our parish. May God who has begun the good work bring it to fruition. In addition, we wish to thank Fr. Levitt and Christ the King Parish who have given towards the Visitation Window.

Fr. Mark DeSutter Pastor

Many thanks to those who have donated to the TTT capital campaign as of 9/19/19:

Dennis and Barbara Albers
Marsha Albracht
Norman and Nancy Allbritton
Altar & Rosary, Sacred Heart
Lina and Daniel Alvarado
Bob and Christine Anderson
Jack and Julie Appleman
Les and Teresa Armes
Dorothy Armstrong Memorial
Dan and Kim Aubry
Sue Aubry
Dr. Jacob and Kara Bancks
William and Brittany Bean
Beth Behrends
Bruce and Julie Bennett
Jerry and Debbie Bert
Scott and Rebecca Bitting
Patricia and Jim Bloom
John and Kerri Boehle
Clifford and Cheryl Bolt
Roger and Bonnie Boostrom
Bernadine Bowman
Terry Braaten
Frank and Lonnie Brandi
Daniel and Suzie Budde
Greg and Chris Bush
Teresa Camarillo
Sandra Campos
Sarah Campos
Rupert Campos Memorial
William and Evelyn Carlough
Sandra Carlsen
Irene Carton
Robert and Fay Casillas
Avis Cathcart
Catholic Order of Foresters
Donna Cavins
Denis and Loretta Ceurvorst
Lucille and Ronnie Chancellor
Children of Sacred Heart
Thomas and Peggy Circello
Roger Clawson
Linda Clewell
Dave and Connie Coene
Ray Coppens Memorial
Raymond and Barbara Coppens
Bill and Mary Cornelis
James and Gloria Coryn
Jerry and Simonne Counihan
Thomas Courtney
Christie Coverdill
Croation Crest Club
Pat Crozier
Richard and Barbara Curry
Julie Dailey
Andrew and Jessica Danek
Dan and Judy David
Marilyn Davis
Jeannine Day
Joan DeClerck
Alberta DeDoncker
Judy DeGeeter
Jenny DeGeeter Memorial
Richard and Patricia DeGrauwe
Bob and Judy DeJonghe
Joan and Bob DeLille
Elizabeth DeLille
Thomas DeLille
Thomas and Mary DeLille
Amy DeLille
Ron and Carol DeMeyer
Dorothy Denkhoff
Margie Denten
Cheryl and Dennis DeSmet
Pat Dessert
Fr. Mark DeSutter
Charles and Jayne DeVolder
Douglas DeVolder
Karen DeVolder
Ray and Mary DeVolder
Ray DeVolder Memorial
Frank and Jill DeVooght
David Dewaele
Frank and Theresa Dewaele
Jennifer and John DeWitt
Teresa Diaz
In Memory of Frank and Constance Donis
Dr. William and Sharon Dougherty
Joshua Downey
Adam and Natalie Doyle
Michael and Mary Drymiller
Steven and Kelly Ducey
Ann Dufour
James and Vicky Earel
Larry and Mary Eastland
Mike Eddy
Carol Elliott
Linda Erickson
Harry and Sandy Ernat
Jeane Evanoff
Brian Fassett
Lisa Faust
Mary Joy Allaert Feeney
Michael and Rose Fennelly
John Fielding
Anthony and Linda Fletcher
Yves and Kathleen Fontaine
Dennis and Kathy Fox
Jonathon and Heather Fox
Robert Francione
Francis LaMont Memorial
Gary and Margo Francque
Leo and Kathy Frett
George and Susan Fuhr
Mary Ann Garland
Paul and Erin Gende
Margo Georlett
Paul and Geralyn Gilfillan
Dr. Arthur Gillen
Chris and Georgia Glynn
Thomas Gochanoul
Juan and Tina Gonzalez
Kevin and Lisa Gorgal
Aaron and Tori Graf
James and Amy Graf
Phillip and Cusi Graf
Ken and Carol Grenier
Max and Marie Grigsby
Joseph and Elysa Groepper
Bob and Marvis Hafner
Diane Hanson
Paul and Cynthia Hanson
Philip and Rebecca Hare
James and Marcia Harl
Betty Harlan
Hayes Family
Jennifer and Mitchell Heckenkamp
Stella Hendricks
Stella Hendricks Memorial
Bob Hendrickx
Thomas and Mary Ann Hendrickx
John and Rose Mary Hennessey
Lanny and Susie Herron
Gerald and Coleta Hessert
Dorothy Hillmer
Jon and Diana Himes
Tony and Pat Hodge
John and Melissa Hoffman
Hoffman/Crandall Memorial
Elaine Hofman
Robert Hollembaek
Michael and Carol Holman
Art Holmes
Paul and Annette Holst
Gerald Hourigan
Richard and Judith Hourigan
Janet Hufford
J.D. Hurt
Greg Ingram
Fredrick Isele
Paul and Monique Jermarie
Jo Ellen Gaspar Memorial
Dr. David Johnson
Fred and Pat Julius
Lisa Jump
Sue Just
Bev Kautz
Carl Kautz Memorial
Jack and Mary Kearney
Dr. Shawn and Sheilah Keeven
Dr. James and Ann Keeven
Dr. Tim and Diane Kennedy
Jack Kirik
David and Ellen Kirwin
Jim and Connie Knuckey
James and Laurel Krol
Mary Krumdieck
Mary Beth Lagomarcino
William Lang
Elizabeth Lareau
Mickie Laughlin
Mike and Nancy Lavery
Joann Lay
David and Kay Lee
Jan Leemans
Lanny and Cathy Leppo
Michael and Penny Lesage
Don Lewis
Anne Lilius
Kathleen Logan
Larry and Mary Kay Lorensen
Terrence and Barbara Lynch
James and Joni Mack
Bob and Sandy Madison
Karen Mandle
Leona Marie
Bob and Mary Jo Marriott
Greg and Treasure Marten
Refugio and Maria Martinez
Mike and Denise Maynard
Joyce and John McCormick
Alex and Liz McGehee
Janis McGuire
Lanty and Carolyn McGuire
Tom and Jenny McQuillan
Ramon Mendoza
Tomas and Virginia Mentado
Beatrice Miller
Brandon and Ashley Mills
Dave and Gretchen Mills
Theresa and Mark Mirr
Marian Mitchell
Bob and Sara Moore
Dan and Connie Morris
Morris Memorial
Timothy and Lynn Murphy
Peter and Nora Murray
Evangelina Nache
Dick and Sally Neubauer
Patricia Nickel
John and Vera Noe
Joyce Nowatzki
Teodoro and Mary Francis Nuguid
Karen Oberg
Pat and Cecilia O’Brien
Dr. Jerry and Doris O’Keeffe
Jerry and Julie O’Leary
Carlos and Stephany Olvera
Rod Ossowski
Chris and Sara Otto
Gary and Margaret Park
Janet Pauly
William Peiffer and Marcia Templeman
Jason and Jennifer Peterson
Jill and Mark Peterson
Matt and Michele Phares
Duke and LuAnn Polich
Luann Polissaint
Judy Poterack
Joan and Henry Price
Robert and Mary Jo Pulford
Jo Ann Quint
Kevin and Colleen Rafferty
Patricia Rafferty
Donald and Cecilia Raischel
Bill and Diana Rasmussen
Sue and Bill Rector
Peggy Redmann
Nancy Rioux Memorial
Ann Roane Memorial
David and Sylvia Rodts
Jeff Roelens
Ben and Joan Rogers
Dale and Dana Rossmiller
Jane Rouse
James and Fran Ryan
Joe and Catie Ryan
Norm and Helen Sabol
Carol Saelens
Daniel and Kimberly Saskowski
Charles Schaechter
Renee Scherbroeck
Charles and Alyssa Schmidt
Rosemary Schmitt
Dr. Greg and Kathy Schneider
Bess Schneider Memorial
Richard and Mary Schoeve
Richard Schoeve Memorial
Kory and Rose Schultz
Steven and Sue Schwaegler
Debbie and Mark Schwiebert
Steve Scott
SH Rummage Sale Committee
Dan Shaffer Memorial
Matthew and Jennifer Sharer
Beverly Shaw
Mary Jo Sheets
Sid Sheets Memorial
Jim and Bev Sigler
Carol Simatovich
Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George
Joanette Snider
Judy Sokol
John Soliz
Stephen and Jackie Sottos
Debbie Sottos
Margaret Spaid
Douglas and Jo Ann Spears
Mike and Marcia Starr
Michael and Darlene Steffen
Loras Steines
Bob and Nancy Stewart
Carl and Peggy Stotmeister
Irene Stranberg
Michael Strayer Memorial
Sally Swanson
Dale Taets Memorial
Steven and Cynthia Taghon
Ralph and Elizabeth Thomm
Robert and Debra Thornton
Dick and Peg Tipton
Teresa Tometich
Pami Triebel
Carol Triebel
In Memory of Rosemarie VanAcker
Pat and Karen VandeKerckhove
Beverly VanDeCasteele
Mary Ellen VanGoethem
Rita VanRaes
Betty VanSpeybroeck
Eric and Lauren VanSpeybroeck
Albert and Elizabeth VanTieghem
Jesus and Carmen Vargas
Lucius Vargas
Jim and Pat Veto
Mary Veys
Ed and Michelle Vize
Mike and Pat Voss
Genevieve Vrombaut
Jim and Mary Vrombaut
Laura Vyncke
Dwight and Susie Wagner
Kenneth and Sheila Wahe
Martha Wahe
Dolly Warlop Memorial
Jim and Linda Watson
Mike and Linda Welch
Monsignor Dale Wellman
In Memory of James C. Welvaert
Mark and Colleen Wendell
Dan and Jan Wessel
Timothy and Jackie Wessel
Brian and Cheryl Westin
John and Annette Westmorland
Kay Whan
John and Sue Wilson
Wally and Carolyn Wilson
Joe Wirth
Joline Witte
Duane and Marlene Woitte
Linda Wolbers
David and Joan Wrath
Bill Yeager
Cliff and Marcia Zerull
Phillip and Marcia Zerull

*90 Families have asked to be listed as anonymous.