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Preparing for Summer

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Dear Parishioners,

There will be a lot of activity around our campus this summer as we continue to upgrade our facilities. As I write to you, we are finishing the tuckpointing on the church. This has been a massive project that has taken a lot of effort over the last five years. Finally, we see an end in sight. With a church building like ours, there always will be small water issues, but we hope we have protected our church from major water issues.

At the end of July, we should begin to take out the stained-glass windows so that they can be releaded. This is phase one of a three-phase project. As Today Tomorrow Together campaign pledges come in we will complete the other two phases, so no money needs to be borrowed.  

Also, this summer, Seton School will be tuckpointing our grade school building. The grade school building was built in 1958 and this solid old building needs some attention. New windows were installed last summer. With the brick work, we hope the building will really look pristine. Later, the school hopes to work on the interior.

The efforts to gain ownership of the New American Bank Building are moving forward. Our hope is that we can close the deal and take the building down this summer. If this happens, we will add almost an acre to our campus.

All these projects have meant a lot of work for our Facilities Advisory Committee, Finance Committee, and Development Committee. I thank them for providing sound advice and counsel. It is wonderful to work with such dedicated people. With God’s grace, we will continue to move our parish forward.


Fr. Mark  


P.S. Please return your Annual Diocesan Appeal pledge today. We have already collected over 274 pledges for over $74,147.00. Our goal is $142,413.00. The closer we get to our goal, the less we must pay from our parish funds. If we go over goal, we will use the money in our capital campaign.