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Second Hand Sale 2019

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Get ready, get set, GO!

The time is coming up soon for our Annual Second Hand Sale. Start setting your things aside and be ready to drop off your items in June. We will start accepting your goodies in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, June 8th and continue to help you clean your attics and basements through Wednesday, June 12th. You may recall that two years ago, we began having evening hours of our sale on Thursday, and it has been a tremendous success with both the parishioners and the public. So we will again be opening our doors on Thursday evening for you to peruse all the items we will have for sale.

Something new this year is our hours on Friday. We will be open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm giving the after work shoppers another opportunity. On Saturday, we will hold the ever-popular $2 a bag sale. Don't worry, we will have plenty of opportunities for you to shop.

Bookman's Boutique will again be open so you can check out those antiques and high-quality items in an inviting setting. Connie and Don will have that room ready for you to pick out your next addition to your household that you cannot live without. Besides their boutique, there will also be small appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, holiday decorations and maybe that one item that you have been looking for lately. The kitchen will again be ready to serve you some sustenance to keep you going as you check out all of our bargains, and give you a chance to sit and relax a bit. But they won't be the only ones with food for you, check out Martha's Bakery and we are sure you will find something to take home and enjoy. There will again be a jewelry corner to help you adorn yourself or someone you love. Come check it out, along with all the rooms that will be filled with so many bargains, you won't want to resist.

What are we doing all of this for, you ask? We like all of you love the artwork of our stained glass windows and want to be a part of that legacy. So the money from this sale and the next three years will go towards restoring a stained glass window at church.

Keep watching the bulletin for more details as to times, dates and needs. Besides your items from the basement, attic and your closets, we will need baked goods and YOU. If you have never volunteered before, you have to give us a try this year. You may meet a new friend and we are sure you will have a good time. Watch for sign-up sheets, and if you happen to get a call inviting you to, consider saying yes. Maybe your hours don't allow you to come help set up, but we can also use help with advertising. Can you put a sign in your yard the week prior to the sale? This sale will not be a success without all of you.

Reach out to Dorothy Hillmer at or 309-797-1775 if you think you can help out or if you have any questions.