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Celebrations in the Easter Season

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Dear Parishioners,

Baptisms are always exciting events. We had five of them at the Easter vigil this year. The children who were Baptized were of various ages. But there was a common denominator, which is, they were all excited to become a part of our church family.  

Easter season is the proper time to celebrate the sacraments of initiation. We have First Communion in the month of May. We also had Confirmation the last weekend of April. If we want to talk about what is good about being Catholic, certainly celebrating these sacramental moments are a big part of what makes our religion inspiring.

The sacraments of initiation are not only important events for nuclear families, but these are parish events. Our parish family should be involved as well. That is what is so nice about the Easter Vigil. People are initiated in front of the parish community.  I detect great joy at the vigil on the part of everyone. It is a faith-filled moment.

I would encourage our parish members to come and take part in the sacramental celebrations of our parish. We had First Communion last weekend, and will again this weekend at our 11 a.m. Mass on Sunday. Come and experience the joy of the children receiving communion for the first time. Maybe it will help you to appreciate, once again, what Easter joy is all about.


Fr. Mark  

P.S. The Today Tomorrow Together Capital Campaign continues to have success. We have contracted with Bovard Studios to do major repairs on our windows. The work will begin at the end of July and will happen in three phases. If you would like to donate to the repair of our windows you can get information on our Web site. Thanks to all who have made a gift so far.