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Rejoice and Be Glad 3-Part Series

       Sacred Heart Parish announces a July three-part series on

This latest document of Pope Francis presents a practical road to holiness for our time.  The pope invites us to look at the ordinary holiness of our next door neighbors, especially in the patience and persistence of their lives.

Each of us has a unique road to holiness, and “we are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, wherever we find ourselves.”

In chapter four, “Signs of Holiness in Today’s World”, Pope Francis discusses five signs or spiritual attitudes necessary for holiness.  Don’t you want to know what these signs include?  

At our May parish staff meeting, we chose to offer evening sessions on three consecutive Thursdays, July 12th, July 19th and July 26th on REJOICE and BE GLAD.   Father Mark DeSutter, Father Matthew Cole and Sister Kathleen Mullin will each lead a session in Culemans Hall.

Check your bulletin and the parish web site for further information about this summer adult faith offering.   Plan to participate!