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Growing as a Community

Dear Parishioners,

Recently we had a special event at our parish.  It happens almost every year.  We call it “mulch day.”  The Garden Committee and others met at 8 a.m. in the morning and they spread mulch around our flower beds so that they will be weed free for most of the summer. We have several tons delivered and it is a massive job to disperse it.  

What impressed me was that we had 50 or 60 volunteers that came.  We had a cross section of the parish from seven or eight-year-olds to people who were senior citizens.  The Boy Scouts were a big help.  The whole job was done in a couple of hours.  

The Saturday before “mulch day” there was another gathering of volunteers who worked all day installing the new playground for Seton Catholic School.  Men and women spent their Saturday putting pieces together, concreting things in place and reading diagrams. Many of the people helping had never met before, but they made friends and had a good time. One man did not have any relationship to the school at all, but he said he was there because he heard that help was needed. How generous is that!  Erecting a playground, was a huge undertaking, but by 4 p.m. things were pretty much complete.  The children of our parish will have an enjoyable place to play for years to come.

My point in bringing this up is to emphasize what can happen if we as a community work together.  When people come together from a variety of organizations to accomplish a task, we can move mountains.

In the months ahead, it looks like we will be going ahead with a variety of challenging projects in our parish.  Somehow it may seem overwhelming, but if we work together, united by Christ, we can do more than we ever thought. 

Thanks for all you do as parishioners and will do in the days ahead.


Fr. Mark