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A Month of Milestones

Dear Parishioners,

Part of the appeal of Catholicism is that we have many special celebrations that mark milestones in our lives.  During the month of May we have First Communions and graduations here at Sacred Heart and Seton School.  

I have often run into adults who no longer attend our parish, and no longer go to Sunday Mass, but speak fondly of going to parochial school here as children and of receiving sacraments here.  Obviously, these moments are embedded in their memories.  Even though they have no other connection to our church currently, they remember these highlights of their childhood.  Hopefully, those fond memories will draw them back to the sacraments someday. As a matter of fact, it happens quite often.

I heard it said once that people can never leave their Catholic Faith.  What that means is that there are indelible marks that touch us even though we might not be fully award of them.

I would encourage everyone to pray for our parish children as they receive sacraments and mark milestones in their faith journey.  We all hope, I am sure, that the next generation will hold tightly to their faith and that faith will give them an anchor to embrace always. 

Happy Easter,

Fr. Mark