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Capital Improvements and Growth

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Dear Parishioners, 

During the upcoming weeks we will participate in an ambitious study to decide if we should undertake a capital campaign for the parishes of the Moline area and Seton School. We have many needs. The Sacred Heart church building needs major maintenance projects including making the church building more accessible for those who are physically challenged. We would also like to provide other amenities that would enhance our worship space. As we approach the 100th anniversary of our church building we are reminded that we have been given this beautiful structure by our forbearers and it is up to us to make it even better. 

The Seton grade school building which was built in the 1950’s needs major renovation and updating. These improvements will help us to grow and prosper. We have a wonderful staff and student body but we must make sure that they have the updated space they need for a wonderful learning experience. The pastors of St. Mary, Sacred Heart, Christ the King and St. Maria Goretti have pledged support to this endeavor. 

The feasibility study that we are undertaking with the Steier Group will involve personal interviews, surveys and informational meetings. All of this will be very important as we decide on whether to move forward or not. I encourage everyone to learn about our vision and to participate in the study as you are able. 

The informational meetings will be held, April 10th and 11th in Culemans Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m. 

Please pray for the success of this great work. 

Happy Easter, 

Fr. Mark