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RCIA Candidates and Catechumens 2018

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The Christian Initiation (RCIA) community at Sacred Heart presents our two Candidates and asks that you continue welcoming and praying for them. Watch future bulletins to meet the Catechumens.

Michael Eddy came to Sacred Heart Masses with his family [wife Rhonda who died last May, now adult children Jessica and Brian] for decades. Last summer he chose to become Catholic for himself. The faith journey has deep meaning for Mike. His work at Arconic and shaping new patterns as he misses Rhonda are part of Mike's faith journey.

Elysa Groepper is married to Joe, a lifetime Catholic, and they have two little boys, Lucas and Elliot. They have come to weekly Mass since their marriage. Membership in the parish Mother's Book Study group became another influence for Elysa as she considered being a Catholic. For her the RCIA Tuesday evening sessions and the total faith journey experience are exciting. Elysa, who works at the Arsenal (U.S. Army ASC) and Joe strive for balance in their busy and blessed lives.

Meet five of our parish Catechumens. 

They will experience the sacraments of initiation [Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist] at the March 31st Easter Vigil. Come for the special Mass that evening!

Frances [Fran] Ryan is excited about the Christian Initiation process and becoming a Catholic. She has explored other Christian religions with her husband Jim [who was raised Catholic and now is coming "home" with Fran].

Julie White considers herself "pre-Catholic" as she, a life-long learner, experiences the Christian Initiation community, our Thursday evening bible study and serious Catholic reading for her faith journey. Julie looks forward to our Easter Vigil and belonging.

Kayla Ochs is engaged to Edgar, who is Catholic.  She came as a seeker with little exposure to Catholicism.  Kayla is grateful for her faith journey with the RCIA community and all that she is experiencing.  She is eager for the Easter Vigil on March 31st and the sessions following that special night. 

Amanda McLean came to the Christian Initiation evenings on her own after being a visitor at Sacred Heart weekend Masses for a year.  She had no religious background prior to that.  She appreciates her  experiences with the RCIA community and desires to be actively involved in the parish.  Her young daughter Ella will be baptized with  Amanda at the Easter Vigil.

Brooke Klein has experienced several changes in her life since the summer of 2016, when she married Dan, a Catholic.  Teaching at a middle school, she just completed a Master's degree.  Entering the RCIA community as a catechumen became another new part of her journey.  Brooke feels supported as she learns about the Catholic faith and shares it with Dan.