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Our Prayers Are With Orlando

Dear Parishioners,

     We anticipate that work on the roof on the south end of Culemans Hall will begin soon.  We will replace the roof and pitch it to alleviate leaking in the classrooms and the cafeteria.  The repairs could not wait any longer.  The maintenance has been delayed for years.  This work will be paid for by Seton School since according to the lease Sacred Heart has with the…

Homily Notes

We Christians often speculate as to why others are not embracing the message of Jesus. One might guess that it is because of what Jesus says in the gospel today. If anyone would follow me they must deny the self. “Deny the self.” In other words, if we are going to be a disciple of…

Happy Fathers Day

Dear Parishioners,

     We congratulate all Fathers today.  We remember that in Christian writings Jesus often prayed to his father.  The father he described was benevolent and merciful.  Obviously, the father image was very important to him. He trusted his father implicitly, believing that the Father always wanted what was best for him.

     Fathers are so very important in passing…

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

     “The one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.”  These words of Jesus have always fascinated me.  The words are spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke as he addresses Simon the Pharisee.

      Quite often, we as religious people, we look at our sins thinking that all that matters to God is if we break a rule.  Could it be that Jesus could be saying that…

Year of Mercy Series By Fr. Mark - "The Joy of the Family"

Dear Parishioners,

     After our book discussion groups this Lenten Season which concentrated on the Year of Mercy we had a sharing and several parishioners expressed a desire for more such activities.  We also talked about whether summer would be a good time to do some follow-up.  Often we feel like the parish kind of shuts down in the summer. 

     I would like to try a summer…

The Most Holy Body And Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Dear Parishioners,

     One of the wonderful parts of the sacred art work at Sacred Heart Church is that we have stained glass windows in the upper part of the sanctuary that have a Eucharistic theme.  On the west side of the Apse we have depictions of Moses.  In one window he is instituting the Passover meal.  In the other we see him in the desert instructing the Israelites to collect manna…

Trinity Sunday

Dear Parishioners,

      Trinity Sunday is one of the three great feasts of the spring.  On this Sunday we remember that our God is a community of persons in one God.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit think and act as one. 

      We are reminded by this feast that our religion is communal.  I was reading a reflection on the Baby Boomer generation that is moving into retirement now. …

The Feast of Pentecost

Dear Parishioners,

      The Feast of Pentecost is often called the birthday of the church.  We believe that the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and has guided the church since its beginnings.

      What we should remember is that Jesus did not give the first leaders of the church a detailed plan of what he wanted the church to be.  He pointed his disciples in the right direction. …

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Parishioners,

  Four years ago May 10th my mother died.  This was a difficult time for my sister and myself.  She was 91 years old so she lived a good long life.  She taught us many lessons.  Mom lived through the great depression and three major wars.  She started out traveling in a horse and buggy and lived to see the moon landing.

Mom had many deep convictions. …

First Communion Sunday

Dear Parishioners,

     First Communion weekend is always an exciting moment in the life of a parish.  This weekend at our 11 a.m. Sunday Mass children will be receiving the Eucharist for the first time.

     Anyone who is a Catholic Adult remembers the first time they were allowed to receive the Eucharist.  It is good to anticipate things as we grow up.  If we look forward to a…