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Homily: Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (John 6:24-35) “What’s This?”

            Every person is made up of three parts: the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. We have needs in all three areas. We know how we can satisfy physical hunger. We also know that we need intimacy to be mentally healthy. But what do we need for our spiritual wellbeing?

            Coming to a sense…

Homily: Seventeenth Friday of Ordinary Time

Seventeenth Friday of Ordinary Time (Leviticus 23:1ff) “Our Time is God’s Time”

Catholics are not very familiar with Jewish religious practices, even though the Jewish faith has influenced our faith greatly. Christianity grew out of the Jewish faith.

We can see Jewish influence in the fact that the Jews have a liturgical calendar as do Christians. Two feasts that we can see that…

Homily: Feast of St. Martha

Feast of St. Martha (Luke 10:38-42) “Act and then Reflect”

Martha is one of the Gospel characters who always gets a bad rap. She is looked upon as a shallow busy body while Mary, her sister, is considered deep and spiritual. Martha is worried about how much water is in the soup while Mary does not concern herself with mundane matters.

Jesus criticizes Martha while he seems to give…

Homily: Seventeenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time

Seventeenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time (Mt. 13:4-46) “Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Is.”

My family always had a safety deposit box at the bank in my hometown. I remember going into the bank as a child with my mother to put things into the box and take things out of the box. We would have to bring a key with us, and we would have to get a key from one of the tellers. We would walk…

Homily: Seventeenth Tuesday of Ordinary Time

Seventeenth Tuesday of Ordinary Time (Ex. 33:7-11 ff.) “Moon Shot”

The Israelites believed that no one could see the face of God and live. Yet, Moses did seem to have close interactions with God, and he did live. But Moses did not remain unchanged.

It was said that Moses’ face shone with a divine light that was so bright that others would be blinded when they looked at his face.…

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

     COVID numbers are rising again.  This is a troubling thing. Hospitalization and death are also climbing. It is no coincidence that the numbers are going up in places that have low inoculation rates.

     Vaccinations are very effective. Sometimes it is asked if they are morally acceptable? The Catholic Church would say the answer is unequivocally yes. Yes,…

Homily: Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (John 6:1-15) “All Is A Gift”

          In the Gospel of John, no Eucharistic meal is mentioned when the disciples gathered the night before Jesus died. What we have instead for Eucharistic story, is the story of the multiplication of the loaves, followed by the Bread of Life discourse which happens very early in the Gospel (Chapter 5). John’s story has…

Homily: Feast of St. Bridget; “A Woman to Be Reckoned With”

Feast of St. Bridget; “A Woman to Be Reckoned with”

St. Bridget is one of the patron saints of all Europe along with Catherine of Sienna and Edith Stein. We might have heard of the other two women, but many of us have not heard of St. Bridget (1303-1373).

She founded an order of sisters called the Brigittines. The only time I have ever met any of these sisters was at a house of hospitality…

Homily: Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene (John 20:1ff.) “An Intimate Friend of Jesus”

Mary Magdalene got a lot of press a few years ago when the movie called “The Da Vinci Code” was in the theaters. If you don’t remember, this movie speculated that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and they had children. The movie revolved around trying to find historical proof that this was true.

The book…

Homily: Sixteenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time

Sixteenth Wednesday of Ordinary Time (Exodus 16:1 ff) “The Bread of Life”

“Like manna from heaven". When we hear that expression, it alludes to the idea that the person using it has received unexpected help in a dire situation. We could use an example of receiving a surprise monetary gift in the mail when the rent is due and there is no money to pay it. Usually the person who receives the…