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Homily: Fifteenth Tuesday of Ordinary Time

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Fifteenth Tuesday of Ordinary Time (Ex. 2:1-15) “God Called a Murderer”

Moses is said to be the first prophet of ancient Israel. This also makes him the first to be considered a minister to the people of God. As his story unfolds, we come to see that he has the same struggles ministers have had throughout the centuries.

One problem that a minister must face is a sense of unworthiness. Moses, like many people chosen by God, was a sinful man. He is aware of this. Moses committed the sin of murder. Some might say it was justified, but is murder ever alright? He is a criminal who flees the law.

His story begins in a beautiful way. He, among all the boys of Israel, is saved because his mother sets him afloat on the Nile in a basket to save his life. Pharoah was trying infanticide to control the population of the Jesus. Pharoah’s daughter finds him and raises him like a son.

She is the one who gives him his name. Moses means “drawn from the water”. Water is a primary sign of life and cleansing. Moses will draw the people of Israel through the water when he divides the Red Sea and leads them to freedom.

Moses was probably given a good education as a child. The Egyptians were knowledgeable in engineering, architecture, and military tactics. He knew the culture of the Egyptians. He was also experienced with their politics. When the time came, Moses used all this knowledge to help free the Israelites from slavery.

He first had to overcome whatever sense of unworthiness he felt. He would be chosen by God in the most dramatic of ways. As we read his story, we will become familiar with a man full of self-doubt, but a man who responded to the challenges God placed in front of him.

Sometimes it seems that all we need is to be pushed to do what we are capable of doing.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I ever felt a sense of unworthiness when I have been asked to do a task? Was there someone who convinced me of what I needed to do?
  2. Why did God pick out a murderer to be his prophet? Do God’s plans ever make sense in the beginning?


Dear Parishioners, 

          Next Monday we will begin Vacation Bible School in our parish. The theme for the week is Cathletics. This program has an Olympic theme. It starts at 8:30 a.m. and lasts until 11:30 a.m. If you have a young child that would like to participate, please contact Debbie Patronagio at our office and she will get you registered. Or click here to download and print the registration form.

          Thanks to all who are working at our Second Hand Sale. We have a lot of cool stuff. Stop in and buy something. Or stop by and donate something. Time is running out.

          May Our Lady and All the Angels and Saints watch over you today.

          Fr. Mark