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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

    Everyone is probably wondering how our building process is going.  Our building committee continues to meet with our architect.  We are moving toward having working documents.  Once we have those, we can arrive at a more accurate cost estimate.  Then we will try to come up with a financial plan to pay for the building. 

    Our whole building process has been…

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time (1 Cor. 12:12-30) “The Body Needs all of its Parts”

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time (1 Cor. 12:12-30) “The Body Needs all of its Parts”

        As Christians we believe two events influence everything.  One of those is the creation of the universe.  The other is the coming of Jesus Christ.  From the start, all creation was anticipating the coming of Jesus.  Everything moved toward the Jesus event.  Everything has developed from the birth of…

Second Tuesday of Ordinary Time.

Second Tuesday of Ordinary Time.
Fr. Mark is directing retreats this week. His next post will be on Sunday.

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

    During the last two years our online ministry has become more active.  This has been necessary because of constant quarantining we have all had to do.  Our Mass attendance is down significantly.  Is that different than other churches? No.  All church attendance has decreased fifty percent. It makes no difference what church we are talking about or what religion.  This…

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time - John 2: 1-11 (A God Who Listens)

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time/ John 2:1-11 (A God Who Listens)

        The story of the wedding feast at Cana has several unsettling elements to it.  Jesus seems to be dismissive of his mother’s concerns about the wedding feast running out of wine.  His words seem rather harsh when he says, “Woman how does your concern affect me?”  But then he seems to change his mind.  He reverses…

Homily: First Friday of Ordinary Time

First Friday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 2:1-12) “Faith that Heals”

If we asked the typical Christian how people were healed by Jesus, we would probably get a response that would be something like this, “Jesus would heal people who had faith in him.”

We hear in the Gospels that Jesus could not heal people in certain locations because there was a lack of faith there. He would leave those…

Homily: First Thursday of Ordinary Time

First Thursday of Ordinary Time (1 Samuel 4:1-11) “Magic or Faith”

In the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Indiana Jones searches for the Ark of the Covenant. This religious item has been lost for centuries. Probably few of us are familiar with it other than what we heard about it in that popular movie.

The Ark of the Covenant did exist at one time. The Ark was a gold box that dated…

Homily: First Wednesday of Ordinary Time

First Wednesday of Ordinary Time (2022) Sm. 3:1-10, 19-20; “When the Lord Calls, Have I Answered?”

Call stories are an important part of scripture. We can reflect on many of them. We remember, for example, the call of Moses at the burning bush in the book of Exodus (Chapter 3). Moses is asked to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and into the promised land.

We also…

Homily: First Tuesday of Ordinary Time

First Tuesday of Ordinary Time (1 Samuel 1:9-20) “Who Makes Choices for Me?”

When we are in ordinary time, we read certain cycles of readings. We could say that we begin the Davidic cycle of readings today because the story of King David begins with the Prophet Samuel. Samuel had a miraculous birth, and we hear about it in the Old Testament reading at Mass.

As Americans it is hard…

The Baptism of The Lord

Dear Parishioners,

    Happy New Year! I would once again like to thank all those who sent gifts and cards my way.   I try to thank everyone, but with the rush of the season things can get a little confusing.  I hope you understand.

    I would like to thank the Altar and Rosary Society for raising money to buy new vestments.  So far, we have bought a new book of the Gospels and…