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Pope Francis: Marriage Requires Generous Unity, Faithful Love

The Holy Father said the two “marital goods” of unity and fidelity first of all pertain “to the essence of the Church of Christ”. Society, he said, frequently does not help couples live these virtues.

Meet Our Deacon Candidates: Mike Maynard

Meet Mike Maynard, a member of our parish who is currently in the five-year process of becoming a deacon. Over the next few months, we hope to introduce you to each of the three parishioners discerning together.

Catholic Schools Week 2019

We invite the whole parish to celebrate National Catholic Schools Week with us this year! January 27th - February 2nd, students and families will come together to highlight the importance of Catholic education.

The Parish App: One Parishioner's Experience

This month, we spoke to Carolyn Wilson, who graciously agreed to share with us her experience using the new Sacred Heart parish app! If you haven't tried the app out yet, read on to find out more about the features it offers.

Join Us at Our Mass of Remembrance on Nov. 3

At the 4:00 Mass on Saturday, November 3rd, the Mass also will have a ritual for announcing the names of our deceased women and men accompanied by the traditional candle lighting. After the Mass families will gather in Culemans Fellowship Hall for a reception with light refreshments.

Pope Francis: Let the Word of God take root in your heart

Catholics should listen to the scripture readings at Mass with an open heart, so that the Word of God can take root in their lives and bear good fruit, Pope Francis said Sunday. “Let’s do an examination of conscience to see how we welcome the Word of God. On Sunday we listen to it in the Mass. If we listen to it in a distracted or superficial way, it will not help us much,” the Pope said Sept. 2.

Septemberfest 2018 is Nearly Here!

This Sunday, September 9th, join us for the food and festivities of our Fourth Annual Septemberfest! We will meet in the green space between Seton Elementary School and Culemans Fellowship Hall from noon to 3:00 PM. If you are interested in providing desserts, a tent, or a helping hand, please contact Connie.

A Note From the Music Department

The Contemporary Group will be providing music for the 9 and 11 am Masses on Sunday, September 30, 2018. Some of the songs will be full of energy and will help us all to worship with enthusiasm while other songs will have a more deeply prayerful energy and will help us all to worship more fully.

Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit

Demonstrating once again his compassion and pastoral concern for those in need, Pope Francis makes a surprise visit to a sick, bedridden lady in Rome.

Seton's New Look

The Seton elementary building has had a make-over! Thanks to a generous donor, covering half the cost, new windows were installed in the Seton elementary building by East Moline Glass during the second half of July.