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The Lessons of St. Vincent DePaul

Dear Parishioners,

One of the newest initiatives at Sacred Heart is that we are organizing a St. Vincent DePaul society.  This has been talked about for many months, but now officers have been selected and the first activity is being organized.

Key players in this effort have been two of our parish council members; Joni Mack and Cory Schultz.  They have kept the effort alive and have communicated with representatives from the Diocesan Saint Vincent DePaul organization.  Phil Hare instrumental in this effort as well.  I thank all of them.

St. Vincent DePaul is a world-wide movement of lay people who seek to help the poor and to grow in holiness.  Our St. Vincent DePaul members will be available to help transients and to visit people within our parish boundaries.  We often have people call our parish with material needs. We want to show them compassion and caring.

An important part of the program is the spiritual component.  Members desire that their prayer lives lead to concrete action.  Pope Francis has said it well when he shared that holiness is seen most in those who are not self-centered but are seeking to help the suffering and the destitute in the name of Christ.

Please pray for all those who are working to get this new organization established in our parish. Watch the bulletin and other publications for more information as it is available.


Fr. Mark