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Second Annual Parish Picnic

Our Parish Picnic is Sunday, July 8th.  We will again be at Stephen’s Park at the back shelter.  We will begin festivities at noon and eat, play and hang out until 2:00.  The parish will provide chicken and bottled water.  Bring a dish to share, lawn chairs and a drink if you don’t want water.  

There will be Bag Games set up again.  Maybe we can get a mini tournament going?  Depends on all of you!  This year, the Rolle Bolle courts are available, so bring your Bolles along and let's have a rolling good time.  The water balloons were popular last year, so they will be back.  And why not?  We all know how hot it can be in July.  What a fun way to cool down.  Make sure the kids check out the basket of goodies, I am sure they will find something in there to play with and enjoy for the afternoon.

There is no need to sign up and there is no additional cost.  We only ask that you be ready to relax on a Sunday afternoon with your parish family, have a little fun and fellowship along with all that food.