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Make a Joyful Noise: Music Ministry Spotlight

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How does your ministry help the parish?
The music ministry vital to the celebration of the Mass each week and it enhances other special services and celebrations as well.

How long has your ministry been a part of the Parish?
As far as I know, the music ministry has been a part of this parish since the beginning. There are many old photos in the archives that are wonderfully maintained by the archivists of previous musical groups. I know that I can speak for all of us who are involved in music ministry when I say that we feel honored to be part of such a long-standing tradition at our parish. In this ministry you feel very connected to the life of the parish because of the special connection between the liturgy and the music and also because of the wonderful parishioners who encourage us and give us the inspiration to continue to strive toward the perfect blend of music styles that helps them worship our Lord.

When where, and how often are your meetings?
Each choir, as well as the instrumentalists, has a different rehearsal schedule that is designed to marry the constraints of personal schedules with the practice requirements of the music for upcoming Masses and events.

What is the most rewarding part of your ministry?
The most rewarding thing that I experience at each service and Mass is the glorious sound of the voices of the congregation blending with the voices and instruments from the choirs. I get to be right in the middle of all of that awesome sound and I know that what I am hearing is what God hears, too, and it is a sound that I know must please the Lord. The great gift that I have been given is that I get to help people worship our Lord—there is not a better gift that I could ask for!

What part of your ministry do you look forward to the most?
I am a musician who, of course, loves music, but I really look forward to the educational aspect of this ministry. I truly love helping the choir members and instrumentalists learn new things and then seeing their success. The folks that are choir members and instrumentalists are awesome and my degree is music education, so I love teaching people new musical things and then seeing where their creativity leads them as they learn more and more and become more confident in their own musical skills. I love being part of the Sacred Heart family! 

Who should join your ministry?
Anyone with a love for music and a desire to be part of a choir family should join. “When you sing, you pray twice” is the old saying! Our ministry has a choir for everyone from youth to seniors and from someone with little musical experience to someone with lots of musical experience. Really, to join, the best thing is to call us so that we can schedule a time to talk with you about your musical experience and your availability so that we can help find the right choir family for you.

Also, for those of you that were with us this summer, you may remember the “contemporary group” with percussion. They will be returning for the 9 and 11 am Masses on February 4, 2018. Please plan to join us to help celebrate these liturgies with upbeat music right before Lent.
Please plan to join us for these liturgies with special added music as well as our liturgies each week! Each Mass and service is special from the Stations of the Cross to the large celebrations of Christmas, Easter, and the sacramental celebrations of Confirmation and First Communion. I promise that great care has gone into the planning and preparation for each and every Mass and special celebration! We are very proud of our music tradition here at Sacred Heart and we cannot express enough thanks to the music ministers who give of their time and talent each week!