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A Year of New Beginnings

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Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to 2018! This could be a significant time in the history of Sacred Heart. During the upcoming year we are going to continue to implement the strategic plan that we finished in 2016. In that plan, there was a call for improvements to our facilities.

One of the crying needs that we have is for better handicapped access to our church. We also need to have bathrooms that can be used by those who are in wheelchairs. We would benefit from changing stations for babies as well. The list that we have of needed improvement to our facilities continues to be lengthy. In 2018 we hope to make a giant step in modernizing our buildings.

If someone questions the need for these upgrades just imagine that you are in a wheel chair and want to get into Sacred Heart Church. If you want to park and make your way up the wheel chair ramp you must park in the parking lot behind the Lee Center and then make your way down the alley, up the sidewalk and then up the wheel chair ramp. There is no handicapped parking in the street. If a person does park in the street a wheel chair would have to be lifted over the curb by a friend and onto the sidewalk. In no way does any of this comply with ADA standards.
We hope to survey parishioner’s opinions about the physical needs of the parish. This could be coming soon. More information will be forthcoming.

As we go through this process, we must continue to try to grow spiritually as a parish community. I often wonder if Jesus intended us to have lots of buildings when he established his church. He seemed to steer away from owning
property. He did not worry about leaky roofs and windows and air conditioning, but we live life in the Kingdom in the 21st century. We are stewards of our parish facilities, and hopefully we will have the resources we need to maintain them. We continue to rely on the providence of God and the generosity of our members. Please pray that we will have the wisdom and resources that we need as we move into another year.

Fr. Mark DeSutter