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Giving Thanks This Easter

Dear Parishioners,
The church is always seeking to evangelize new members and we might ask the question: How are we doing? The answer comes to us during the Easter Season when we celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation. As of now, we have seven adults who will be receiving Sacraments of Initiation and we also have a good number of children who will be baptized. We have a larger First Communion class than last year and a big Confirmation class as well.

The adults who wish to enter the church all have interesting stories to tell about the various circumstances that have brought them to the faith. It is humbling to hear about how they came to the point where they wanted to join Sacred Heart. Conversion is often a complicated process.

The children who are receiving sacraments also do not fit into nice, neat categories. We have seventh graders making their First Communion. We have eightyear-olds being baptized. Family situations get complicated in our modern world. To work with these situations takes a lot of flexibility. I appreciate our staff being willing to adjust procedures so people can receive the sacraments they hunger for so much.

Today’s evangelization requires a lot more work than in 1950. It is not just a matter of inviting people to church, having a good website, advertising in the newspaper or preaching on a street corner, although, that is all part of it. Often it involves giving instructions for sacraments, validating a marriage or processing a marriage case. It is about walking with people as they grow in faith, in a caring community
We give thanks that the Holy Spirit is prompting people to join the church. We pray that we will continue to have the resources to meet that desirewith a helping hand.

Happy Easter,
Fr. Mark DeSutter,