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29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Parishioners,

     In the coming months we will be moving forward with our capital campaign.  Right now, we are training leaders and developing a case statement.  This is important work.  We then will begin to ask for donations.  When the first of the year comes we will launch the public phase of the campaign.

     One very important part of our campaign will be prayer.  What size monetary pledge we can give is up to each individual family.  But one thing we can all do is prayer.  Maybe we ask the question, “How should we pray?”  We have written a campaign prayer.  I would ask that we say this prayer each day when we say our personal prayers.  Soon we will begin to use the prayer at the end of liturgies.

     The prayer is as follows:

God our Creator,

We turn to you as the Christian communities of Christ the King, Sacred Heart and Seton Catholic Schools.  Our ancestors in faith built our communities and the buildings that house our worship, education and fellowship.  All of their efforts were rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ your Son. 

Inspired by the Spirit and because of our great need, we are now engaged in a capital campaign that will enhance our mission as we anticipate the coming of the next generation of Catholics.  Please bless our efforts as we make this leap of faith.  Allow us to succeed in our tasks which are undertaken because of our great love for you.  Help us overcome every obstacle. With your grace, we serve you today, tomorrow and together.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

     We can look at this fund drive as a simple collection of money or we can look at what we are doing as a spiritual endeavor.  If we remember that this is a spiritual matter, we will be much more inspired and much more likely to succeed.  We are trying to build up the Body of Christ in this time and in this place.


Fr. Mark

P.S. Remember that we are having a prayer service this Sunday at 4:30 p.m. for healing.  We pray that the wounds in our church community will be acknowledged and treated.  Anyone who feels hurt by what has happened is invited to attend.  Tell others you know about this service.