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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Parishioners,

     Ash Wednesday is fast approaching. As Lent arrives, it is good to plan out what we are going to do so that we take advantage of this six weeks of renewal.  Our parish will have many activities that we can take part in.  We have the regular daily Masses and devotions.  It is good to try to attend those. 

     We also will have special activities. For example, we will be having small group discussions at various times.  The topics this year will revolve around a pastoral letter that was written by Bishop Bambera of the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He wrote this letter a few years ago. The title of the letter is “Wounded and Loved, Regathering the Scattered.”  The thrust of the letter is about how we can renew the church. 

     The discussion groups also will reflect on the Lenten Scriptures; the document has reflection questions and special petitions.  Faith sharing can be a special experience that can build up our parish community.  I hope that you will consider getting involved. 

     We need people to host these groups and we need individuals to participate.  We will be having sign ups for those interested today, next weekend and Ash Wednesday.  Why not stretch you comfort zone this year and make some new friends and grow in faith. 

     Don’t let Lent pass by this year without having a plan.  Make a compact with God and follow through so that Easter will be a true celebration.


Fr. Mark

P.S. Congratulations to the Boy Scouts who received their awards this past weekend.