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The Most Holy Body And Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Dear Parishioner,

     On this Sunday of the church year we reflect on the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is not a thing it is a sacred action that we engage in together.  It is always good to reflect on our attitude toward the central sacrament of our religion.

     I realize that as I write to you that I am once again “preaching to the choir.”  My biggest concern is ever pastor’s worry.  It seems like Mass attendance is not what it should be, especially in the summer months.  This can cause us to be critical of the sloth that some people show about their faith practice, but it can also cause us to reflect on our conduct when we come to Mass.

     Two elements to look at are our reverence and love of neighbor.  Someone may be in church for the first time in a long time.  What do they see? Do they see people who are happy about being present or do they see a bunch of long faces?  Do parishioners seem to arrive at the last minute.  Do they leave right after communion? Do congregants enthusiastically respond to the prayers? Is the singing robust.  Are people paying attention to what is going on or is there a constant running in and out of the church? Reverence is not just how we genuflect.

     Secondly, is there a love of neighbor.  Are we really interested in meeting new people? Do we go out of our way to introduce ourselves? This is what it takes to build community. We provide refreshments after Mass, at times, but how many people go over for a few minutes?  What is very amusing to me is that when we do go to a social function after Mass every family sits at their own table.  Is it that hard to sit down with someone else we don’t know and strike up a conversation?

     Let’s do something different, whether that is moving to a new pew each week or walking up to visitors and greeting them.  Jesus gave us the Eucharist as the touchstone of our faith.  The action we engage in should bring a grace that causes us to love God more and love our neighbor more.  If that is happening we are moving in the right direction. I THANK those who are charitable to those around them and who do realize the importance of community building.  There are many of you.

     I say all this realizing my failures.  At times, I am not as attentive as I might be to people.  I may not have the greatest sermons some Sunday. Sometimes I am tired and less than enthusiastic when I preside. I always must strive to do better. That is a challenge that keeps my faith vibrant.   I hope you feel the same challenge. If we realize that we always want to celebrate Eucharist better this is the first step to making Mass all it can be.


Fr. Mark

 P.S. Wishing all a Happy Father's Day!