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Pentecost Sunday

Dear Parishioner,

     The Lord works in mysterious ways. How often we have heard this.  Today we commemorate what is often referred to as the birthday of the church.  We observe the Feast of Pentecost which is the last day of the Easter Season.  Where have the last 50 days gone?  Easter Season is full of wonderful family events from Baptisms to graduations to Confirmations.  Most of these church celebrations are moments of joy. 

     We all know that the church life can be difficult at times.  We get in quarrels with others over decisions that the church community makes.  Often, there are scandals involving church leadership.  The church is divided with people taking positions on the right and left.  We talk past each other.  We don’t listen.  The list of complications that are part of church life are many and varied. It was put well by someone who once said that the, “Church is messy.”  Yes, it is.

     We can easily say it is not worth it.  But what we remember at Pentecost is that the Holy Spirit guides the church.  Discerning the Spirit’s desires can be frustrating to say the least.  But the Holy Spirit is in the middle of all the messiness of the church.  If we believe that, it affirms our decision to stay in the church and to trust that somehow, how we live will ultimately be pleasing to our God. 

     We constantly need to pray, “Come Holy Spirit, come.”


Fr. Mark

P.S.  Thanks to all who planned the Mass for my 35th anniversary.  The choir did a wonderful job as did the social committee with the reception.  I would also like to thank those who sent cards and gifts.  I always try to pass at least a portion of such gifts along to a worthy cause so I will try to do that in this case.  In the Scriptures God used weak individuals to achieve his purposes. What the last week has shown me is that he still uses sinful people like me to advance the Kingdom. For that I am most grateful.