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Homily Notes Fifth Sunday of Easter/ “A New Heaven, A New Earth”

Fifth Sunday of Easter/ “A New Heaven, A New Earth”        

Throughout history religious people have dreamed about what an ideal society would be like. Individuals have come up with various theories. 

            St. Thomas Moore thought about this idea.  He wrote a book called Utopia.  He described a society where all religion is respected.  In his ideal world leaders were…

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

    No one has to tell us that there has been a lot of noise around the Sacred Heart Campus the last few weeks.  This summer there will be more of the same.  We have several large capital projects that will be happening.

    The tuck pointing that has been taking place since March should be finished by the first part of June.  This has been a complex project. …

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

    Recently we read the story of the call of the first deacons in the Acts of the Apostles.  The Apostles were being overwhelmed in their ministry.  The questions became: would they hold on to their responsibilities or would they share responsibility for ministry with others? The Apostles began to realize that they were over extending themselves and they were not serving…

Homily Notes 3rd Sunday of Easter-A Meal that Reconciles


3rd Sunday of Easter/ “A Meal that Reconciles”


When we share a meal with another person it personifies how we feel towards them.  We find it hard to sit down to eat with those that we don’t like.  Jesus dined with others many times in the Gospels.

            If we were to ask Christians what Jesus’ last meal was with his disciples was, the…

Third Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

    This is one of the Sundays when we celebrate First Holy Communion.  The Gospel we have today seems very appropriate for this occasion.  Jesus talks about feeding his sheep.  One of the main ways we feed one another is through our Eucharistic celebrations. 

    It is very apparent that Eucharist is a recurring theme in the resurrection accounts in the Gospels. …

Homily Notes 2nd Sunday of Easter 2019 “Christianity Means Church Community”

2nd Sunday of Easter/ “Christianity Means Church Community”

Every day of the Easter Season we read from the Acts of the Apostles.  When a scripture is in the liturgies of the church that much it the church is trying to emphasize something.  We say, that the Easter Season is all about the Resurrection of Jesus.  We could also make a strong case that the Easter season is about what…

Second Sunday of Easter - Divine Mercy Sunday

Dear Parishioners,

    I write this after celebrating the Easter Vigil.  This is my fifth year as pastor of Sacred Heart.  I always appreciate the liturgies here and the solemnity with which they are celebrated.  One of the primary missions of our church is to pray to God.  We petition, thank, glorify and ask for God’s mercy.  The people who visit us weekly from other places often comment…

Easter Sunday 2019 "Jesus Has Redeemed the World"

Easter Sunday/ “Jesus Has Redeemed the World”

“We adore you oh Christ and we praise you.”  “Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.”  If we have ever attended stations of the cross, we recognize this prayer.  Have we every thought about the all-embracing nature of that prayer?  We do not say that Jesus redeemed humanity, but we say that he redeemed the world.


Easter Sunday Of The Resurrection Of The Lord

Dear Parishioners,

    He is Risen! With those simple words the angel announces that Jesus is alive.  The Easter message proclaims that death does not have the last word for believers in Jesus Christ.  Really, a Christian’s death is about birth.

    Ronald Rolheiser makes an interesting observation when he reflects upon the Gospel of John’s crucifixion narrative.  In that Gospel…

Palm Sunday 2019

Palm Sunday/ Which Crowd do I Belong to?

Crowd psychology is a hard thing to understand.  Sometimes what we believe about how a group is feeling can be wrong.

            The day was bright and clear on November 22, 1963.  President Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy landed at the airport in Dallas Texas.  John Kennedy was not necessarily popular in Texas, but the election was coming. …